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Earth Leakage detectors

Most of the newer earth leakage monitors for 24v DC are solid state reference type, the older two lamps in series with a resistor down to the hull are known to impress a small current on the hull and can in some circumstances actually promote corrosion. The modern unit functions by measuring the current flow to earth through a potential divider and comparing it to a fixed reference using two amplifiers. If the current signal voltage falls below or rises above the reference voltage, one of two amplifiers switches from high to low, which triggers a RC timer. Once the timing period (pre-set) has elapsed, the normally energised PCB mounted relay de-energises and the voltfree contacts connected to the eleven pin socket change state. Reverse polarity protection is provided using a number of high voltage diodes. These leakage detectors are vital on the 24 - 36 volt DC circuits on a vessel as DC is much more corrosive than AC.


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