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Within this site you will be able to check your designs against our simple cable calculator and for the professional electrician / engineer you may purchase our cable calculator pro.
This stand alone program will be able to design a circuit from start to finish meeting all the criteria of the IET and BS 7671 the 18th edition. Cable calc pro is on hold until I retire later this year and have the time to finish it. Knowledge base There are some articles in the knowledge base that will help the budding designer and some downloadable technical sheets from the download section. Some sheets have a token £1 charge to cover hosting and bandwidth charges. Cable calculator free It is envisaged that the cable calculator pro software package would pay for its self the first time it is used. To access any of the free cable calculators or tutorials you will have to create an account (free). Once you have an account you may log in and access most of the site,parts of the site will be for subscription only. The calculator will only run on windows for the time being, it will run on Win10 and Win 7 and win 8. You will require dot net downloaded onto your computer, as 95% of windows computers have this already it should not present a problem however for those that do not the latest version can be found here dot-net.I hope to release cable calculator pro in the second half of 2017 or early 2018.

Design criteria

An installation design must start with the supply characteristics including the earthing arrangements. In the UK and most parts of Europe this information is available from the Electricity distributor.All other details are to be provided by the designer. Earthing arrangements fall broadly into 3 types: TN-S Supply has a seperate earth (typically the cable sheathing). TN-C-S (ProtectiveMultipleEarthing) the supply has a combined neutral and earth. TT. No earth provided by distributor, earthing achieved with earth rods locally. Declared supply characteristics in the UK (More or less universal in 50 Hz regions) Earth fault loop impedances:- 0.35Ω for PME supplies TN-C-S sytems. 0.8Ω for separate earth supplies TN-S systems. 21Ω where no earth is provided TT systems. Prospective Fault Current I pf Will normally be given at 16kA and is sometimes higher in inner city areas.
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